You Should Know Just Five Things Before Buying Best Projector Under 500

Getting a new projector may sound fun and entertaining not knowing all the insights about projectors. You cannot just go and get the next projector you find on your ways without looking at several factors that may affect your use of the projector. Projectors come with different features and capabilities without knowledge of what you want or need; you may end up confused and choose the wrong intended product. You have to look at the type of projector you want, its brightness, cost of the projector, resolution and even the size of the projection you need. For gamers, you may wish to something big with a high resolution that brings life in the room and feels alive with the game. Here we are going to discuss things that you may need to know before buying best projector under 500 dollars.

You Should Know Just Five Things Before Buying Best Projector Under 500

You Should Know Just Five Things Before Buying Best Projector Under 500

1. Type Of Projectors

You may wonder what I mean by kind of projector buy yes, that is some of the factor ones has to consider before purchasing the best under 500 projector. There are three types of projectors that is;

1.1 DLP(digital light processing)

Digital light processing projector has been made to produce sharp images and its response time is fantastic. Here is because it has been made of tiny microscopic mirrors and spinning wheel that makes the movement of the pictures faster. It is mostly used in the lightweight and compact projector.

1.2 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

Liquid Crystal Display has less contrast and has no motion. It may be said to be less costly and produces little noise. The LCD projectors have less variation and require regular filter maintenance.

1.3 LED projectors

It uses tiny LEDs giving incredible colors and capable of reducing power consumption. The lifespan of the lamp requires no maintenance since it has over 20,000 hours. It may not produce the same amount of brightness like LCD or DLP, but it comes in smaller sizes and generates less heat.

2. Brightness

Brightness is sometimes not better this means that it all depends on the size of the image, the light and the material used to make the screen that you are using.
If you are looking for a business projector you may consider going for a projector with brighter output this may prompt you to look for one with higher lumen rating. This is because there is a high possibility of using in a well-lit room in the office. Bright projectors require adequate light to enable great picture.
If you are buying a projector for home use, you may consider the one with enough brightness. The projectors for are mostly the one with controlled lighting. With all this, it depends on what you want to achieve by the end of the day. An example of projector you can use at home is that of 1,000 to 1200 lumens this enables you to images clearly without straining your eyes with the light. If you are using in a large room, you may consider going for the ones that are much brighter.

3. Resolution

Resolution may be said to be the number of pixels or dots that are used to display an image. When a picture is very remarkably clear, it means that it has higher resolution. If you are a looking for a projector that can produce cleaner images and detailed graphs and charts, text and high-definition video or audio. Then projectors with high resolution are the best for you. You quickly get a projector with better resolution that is under 500 dollars at the market.SVGA projectors can be used for simple charts and data projecting this is because of it has low-resolution. Most computers use XGA which is the standard resolution. If you are using a computer for most of your viewing, consider projectors with this resolution. 720P Projectors are the best for home theatre and are mainly used for commercial movie projection. If you want a standard resolution that can broadcast HDTV and Blu-ray then look for projectors with 1080 p resolutions

4. Budget

Getting a good projector with great features for less may seem complicated, but you can get one with great features too. If you have deep pockets, you may go for projectors that are of more than 500 dollars to get the one you consider the best. However, I can say that you may consider saving some money by getting one that is less than $ 500 and has same features and capabilities that are great for the ones that are extremely expensive. There are many projectors with incredible features like HD pictures, wireless connectivity, USB ports, HDMI Capability and more that are affordable and easy to use.

5. The Size Of Projection

Projectors come in different sizes and variety before acquiring one you may have to consider the size of projection you want. The distance at which you want or plan to place your projector matters a lot and you need to think it before getting the projector. The viewing distance is as significant as the distance between the wall and the projector. Where you plan to sit while viewing should be at least twice the distance of the image width. The images in the projected item also depend on the contrast ratio which affects the clarity of the projected images. If you are a fan of full screens and large pictures you may go for projectors with large projection size.

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6. Conclusion

These are essential facts that you should have to look at before buying the first projector that you see before you. From what we have discussed, you have seen that with the variety of projectors that are possible on the market today, they have different capabilities and features. These products are designed in a way to be affordable and accessible to users. Now with all this information on your fingertips, you can go to any electronic shop and get that projector with the features that meet your specifications and need.

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