How To Find Perfect Cheap Projector Under 100 Dollars

Thinking about how to get a cheap and working projector under $100 In 2018? Well, you do not have to be troubled any more. With the inventions and development of new designs in the market today, you will be able to meet one that suits your needs. You can own one to use at home, business environment and even in education. With everyone on a budget, you can save a lot more when you purchase one of the projectors under$100. Projectors under $100 are usually of brightness 80 to 800 lumens. The resolution of this projector range between 320 by 240. Most of this type of projectors have a lamp lifespan of up to 20,000 hours and come with an inbuilt-rechargeable battery this helps to keep power for some time before charging again. They weigh less and can be carried easily. They also come with their stand.

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If on a budget

There are many projectors under $100 on the market today that can make you are living or home theater lively and enjoyable. Sometimes we go for expensive products and do not even come with the surround speaker, cables, remote and even a stand. If you are on a budget and want something that can do okay to meet what you want then go to the projector under$100. It has excellent features just like any other.

When you go for a projector that cost 100 dollars, don’t expect for it to have features that are of $500. The manufacturers tried to design and invent products that can meet individuals from different financial and social background. Several years back, the projectors and home theaters were considered for the wealthy as they were extremely costly. However, now anyone in need of a projector can own a home theater projector or even for business presentations.

How To Get A Projector On A Budget

When on budget and want o buy a projector under $100, you should consider the following

  • You should think the width and the size of the screen you are using
  • The light penetration in the room you are setting up or planning to use
  • The projector distance and the screen

  • Before buying a projector, you sit and consider the above recommendation. The projector under 100 dollars requires an average screen size to function correctly. You do not want to watch pictures or images that do not fit the screen correctly as it may not be entertaining at all. If you have a large screen at home, then go for projectors with higher specifications. You should be able to know that different projectors come with different specifications and projection length as well. You should consider the length of the selected location to place the projector and where you are planning to have the screen carefully. Since the projectors do not have long throw ratio, you will have to put the projector in a strategic position to have an excellent viewing. Some projectors under 100 dollars can project from 10 feet away while other is a bit powerful to project from 22 feet to the screen.

    Lighting in the environment you are preparing to use for the projector is essential as it determines the qualities of the pictures that are going to be displayed on the screen. When the light penetrating the room is too much, then it distorts the images being projected. It is therefore essential to control the amount of light in the room to have an incredible time

    Outdoor Or Indoor Projector

    When thinking of getting a projector, you should know where to place the projector or if it is for indoor or outdoor viewing. You should measure the area you planning to place a projector if you are going to an outdoor projector. Since these projectors require controlled lighting to have a great view, then you should consider watching during the night.


    Though you can get a cheap projector at an affordable range of 100 dollars, it is important to note that each of these projectors also has different features. Now, it all depends on you and as an individual to select what meets your needs and requirements. If you are planning for a small business, it can be an excellent choice but if you intend for a big commercial presentation then go for one with excellent specifications.

    Advantages Of Using Projector Under $100

    • They come with a lower power lamb. Here makes the bulb to have a long lifespan since it uses less energy and does not require replacement for a long time making you save money.
    • With the projector, you may not even need a screen. With a white or crème wall, you can be able to watch quite well the images. Here helps you save hundreds of dollars that you would have used to purchase the screen.
    • The projector makes you save up some space in the room. The projector could be mounted on the wall or even the roof. This help keep away from children and also to save space in the room
    • Since the projector under $100 is lightweight and small, it is effortless to set up. If you are home alone and need to watch a movie or music, You can be able to set up on your own easily

    One can quickly y access these projectors in the market today at $100 and even less. It is essential to know what you need to achieve with the projector before going for one. Since technology has considered everyone with the availability of these projectors. These projectors can be used with any device smartphones, laptops and others due to their compatibility features and also environmental friendly. These projectors are mostly used at home for entertainment and because of its requirement of reduced lighting. With great features like input slots and keystone correction for showing pictures and images, you do not want to spend too much and you can save a lot of from these projectors. Though they are considered to be very cheap, you should be able to select what you require and know their specification.

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