GooDee 2021 Upgrade G500 Mini Video Projector Review

Entertainment is what makes a home feel alive. When you come back from work stressed, tired and need to refresh your head, what could be the best freshener? With a projector that can deliver the best quality images that can fit perfectly to the screen with the adjustable features. The Goo Dee Mini portable projector has been designed to meet your entire necessity on projectors.

You can watch a movie also play games with others at home, listen to music and also develop a presentation for business. With prominent features that come with the Goo Dee projector, you can be confident to appreciate all the way of your entertainment either indoor or outdoor. When going for camping, it can be carried in the bag quickly due to its size and excellent viewing of the images. Before choosing the projector to use you may have to consider what you contemplate to achieve with the projector. The projector is able of displaying content in different languages like in English Russia Deutsch French Italian and Spanish. This gives a chance to everyone to enjoy watching movies or even games in their native language giving it the best entertainment.

What makes Goo Dee Mini portable the best Projector for Home Theater?


The GooDee G500 2021 has been upgraded to give you the best entertainment ever. The brightness has been upgraded to 30% delivering an exciting viewing experience with 50% more brightness than another ordinary projector; you can be able to enjoy your day or night with the best quality view. Since the projector has been designed to watch in a darker room, you can be sure to consider watching at the backyard during the night for an excellent under the star movies. The projector has a resolution of 800 x 480 p, but it can defiantly support up to 1,080p. It has 1600 lumens for the best lamp life. The colors are amazing and show quality images to watch movies and play the game. When watching in a room with many windows that may affect the images displayed on the screen, you have to get blind curtains to help in reducing the light in the room for the best movie experience.

The Design And Portability

The projector is designed to be small in size; this makes it easier to be carried around in a bag anywhere. It may come in useful when traveling to another city for work or just to visit and you do not know anybody in the area. It would be impressive for entertainment at home, for camping, gaming and can also be used to watch in the backyard. The projector is recommended to use in a darker environment for a better view and image quality. The Projector may overheat when used for too long without stopping. It is suggested to have a break of 2 to 3 hours to give it time to cool down before continuing with the entertainment.


Since the GooDee projector has come with HDMI /VGA /AV/MicroSD, you can easily watch from your phone to the big screen and enjoy the bigger image and clear on that matter. With the USB port, you can be able to connect to the projector and do your presentation or view files operating a remote control. You can compete in your game easily by connecting your play station to the projector and enjoy being part of the game.
The projector goes with an inbuilt speaker that is of a sturdy stereo sound when compared to another projector for the same price. It is recommended to use a wireless HDMI adapter when connecting the projector to the iPhone/iPad and use MLX when connecting to the android phone. Thought he projector might not be able to view word files, you can be able to see in other formats using the projector.


With the resolution that comes with it, who may not want to get the GooDee mini portable projector at a very affordable price? The resolution of the projector produces the best images you cannot get anywhere with the projectors of the same level. With a resolution of up to 1080 pixels, you can watch movies and pictures of high quality that are amazing. It has an Aspect Rate of 16:9/4:3 and contrast the ratio of 1000:1 with 1600 lumens. The lamp brightness allows one to get the best picture quality and does not affect the eye when viewing due to its unique image transmission.

Features of the projector

  • Keystone direction.
  • 2 W inbuilt the speaker.
  • Lamp life of 1600 lumens.
  • Remote control.
  • Headphone port.
  • USB port.


  • The picture display is fantastic.
  • The price makes it more affordable.
  • The setting up is natural.
  • It comes with remote control.
  • The inbuilt speakers produce excellent sound.


  • The brightness is not sufficient for presentations.
  • Does not support word and text files.

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Since the projector is affordable, it can be easier to own one and use. Getting a projector may have been difficult before due to the high prices it comes with, but now with the new projector costing less than $100. You may consider getting one to use at home for entertainment. The GooDee projector has proved to be most effective in the price range when compared with other projectors of the same price range. The features are amazing and can give the best experience of watching with your family and friends. Since you may watch in the backyard, it is best for camping with friends. The projector gives the best quality for both movies and games at home. Different users have reviewed the projector to be the best they have used so far giving them quality viewing option. You can view well projected on the wall as well as on the screen without distortion of the images.

CAUTION: Do not stare straight into the projector when using as it is very harmful to the eye

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