10 Reasons You Should Go For A Projector Instead of A TV

When getting down to selecting the TV that you want you to need to have done your research well and asked yourself some questions like where will the people be seated while watching, where should I place the TV, how big should your TV be and many other important questions.

The need to change from using a TV to settling on a projector is different with different people. Some people will look forward to having a projector instead of a TV while others will stick to having their TV. The latest projectors offer lots of love and things that are much better, from videos and audio clarity and many other important capabilities that the TVs could not offer.

1. Projector More Portable

There is a big difference between TV and a projector when you are comparing them to purchase. The Projector can be carried fro n one place to another at the backpack easily without others noticing. This is due to its small size and also the weight it has been designed with while the televisions are difficult to carry around making it less portable. If you are feeling like watching a movie at the backyard at night, you have an easy time with moving the projector than with the Television.

2. Stay tension free about kids and pets knocking It Over

Sometimes we are very stressed that kids will knock the TV set down while playing in the living room and damage the TV. It may not be the kids alone even pets, and even drunken visitors can damage the T6V, with projectors it is different as the projectors can be set up at the wall, at the ceiling, or even at the top of the table. With your flat screen on your living room, you do not know when it will come crumbling down from the balls children playing or cats jumping up and down. Projectors are better off in the living room and safe from children games and also pets since you will have to install on the wall or at the ceiling.

3. Real Life movie experience

Projectors work just like televisions do but what makes it more enjoyable is the real interaction between you and the characters you are watching. Therefore, using projectors feel more special than televisions, and you have a privilege to watch big images that are very clear and colorful and also HD content. Though some TVs are huge, still the images displayed on them cannot be compared to that of a projector. The projector makes it possible to watch with a group of friend movies at the back of your home.

4. Budget In your range

When getting to decide whether to get a projector or a Tv its good to look at the price they are both going for before deciding. When you at the price range, you will notice that the price of the projectors are much cheaper than that of TVs and still offers you other features that are great like large images and detailed contents on the screen. With that in mind, you will be able to make the right decision on what you want a projector or a TV set.

5. Possible to multiple uses

Projectors have many advantages over TV sets. An excellent example of the benefits it has over the TV sets is its ability to work with multiple applications and devices. The projector has multiple uses like you can play music, play games, watch movies easily.

• For gaming

Apart from using our projector for movies and listening to music at home. You can use the projector to play your favorite games. The projectors come with ports to connect your gaming consoles and play at a faster lag time that you will not notice the images of the videos hanging at any moment. The games played from the projector produces great images.

• For Movie Night

Thanks to the improvements in the technology that we do not need to be in full darkness to watch movies. The latest projectors have been designed to work well in rooms with ambient light without the images being distorted. When looking for a projector to use either outdoors or in a room full of ambient light, look for a projector with high lumens to give you the desired results. Mostly, when looking for Aa projector that works well with moving images, look for the one with more than 2500 lumens, and you will not be disappointed

• For the outdoor party

Sometimes you may feel good to invite friends to come over and enjoy the party and watch a movie or even watch a match at your place. To make sure everyone enjoys watching, each one has to have a glimpse of what is going on the screen. Some projectors when placed at the wall may not be able to work well with shadows of some people appearing at the screen while watching the match. It’s good to get a short throw projector that works well when placed on top of the table and a few inches from the wall. With short throw projectors, you are sure to see images that are great from its color, image details and clearness.

6. Possible to get a bigger picture with a projector

How big is the image from the television set you are using at your home? And how big would you like it to be? This question may be answered with the right projector replacing your television in your living room. Projectors come with big images that make the movies look good and enjoyable. TVs are very expensive, and you could save a bit of the money by getting a projector with as little as $300 and get the best experience with the images.

The latest technology used to design projectors offer great image qualities at an affordable price that you may not have to think twice about getting a projector for your use at home. Also, you may get a projector that is 120 inches wide for as little as $100 and enjoy your application. If you are looking forward to experiencing huge images on your screen without having to spend lots of bucks, then projectors are your thing.

7. Setup pretty simple

There is nothing as easy to set up as setting up a projector at your wall or the ceiling of your home. Also, other short throw technology projectors do not need to be installed far from the wall. Therefore with just it a few inches from the wall on top of your table you are able to enjoy the movie you love most with your family. Most projectors take few minutes to set up, and if you find it difficult, it comes with a manual to help with the setup.

8. Save your floor or wall space to the setup

Though most of the Televisions in the market today can be mounted on the wall, not all the people can afford that and have to use a piece of furniture at their living room. This could take up most of the space at the house and makes your room to look smaller than it is. Therefore getting a projector that can be installed on the wall or the ceiling could come in handy. Most of the projector is small on a size that it may not be noticeable if you are used to the huge TV, and you can use your wall as a screen, and you do not have to get an extra screen unless it is necessary. With a projector replacing your TV at home, you save space.

9. Enjoy the true advantage of the 4K resolution

The 4k resolution projectors are mostly expensive, and most people instead get other projectors. The 4 k projectors have much bigger projectors than most of the televisions. The good thing with 4k technology projectors is that it’s able to upscale contents that are not of 4K making it the best for you to have. The images of 4 K projector are huge, and the image resolutions are much better. Most of the people prefer to have the 4 K resolution projector for its fantastic image quality that you will not find with most of the projectors in the market. Though it may be a bit expensive, you can make an investment with it since it has a great outcome.

10. Conclusion

Many people have difficulties deciding which between TVs and projectors. Since we have shed some light between the two of them, it is more comfortable in order to determine which one best suits you and your need. Televisions tend to be more expensive than most of the projector in the market through other projectors are expensive but worth the effort with the kind of features and service it offers. You will find it easier to get a projector in your home to avoid damage by kids and also saving up space in your living room. These are just a few things that make projector more worthwhile than televisions.

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