Epson Home Cinema Review

Welcome to Epson home cinema 2040 Review. A short lag time for gaming. 1080p 3D 3LCD home theater projector.

When looking for a projector that comes with everything you desire on it, then Epson home cinema 2040 has everything you may want and more. The LCD home cinema 3D projector not only delivers what you wish but is one of the less expensive projectors in the market that has all the fantastic features.

It is also one of the projectors under $1000 that has an inbuilt three-chip LCD engine that makes it possible for the projector to not show a rainbow effect on the screen. With this projector, you will e able to experience the best home entertainment as the images are of the excellent quality and actual life experience. The 1080p projector is just the best for all environments, and you will not be disappointed with the condition it comes with.

Epson Home Cinema 2040 Review

Epson Home Cinema 2040 Review

Suitable For Home Entertainment

The Epson Home cinema projector has been modified from its previous projector to give the best in home entertainment. It has been specially designed for home use. It comes with an inbuilt mono speaker of 5-watt and very small in size.

What makes a projector worth buying is the quality of the graphics, the sound system and other essential features. The Epson2040 projector has been designed with stereo audio out port that makes it possible for you to connect an external sound system. The good thing about the external sound system is that you can automatically change the audio source when changing the image source. Though you may decide to connect to an external speaker, the inbuilt speaker that the projector comes with produce the best sound that most of the people may not find a reason to have an external sound system.

What makes the projector good for home entertainment also, is the size and portability feature that it has been designed with. With a small and lightweight projector, you may be able to move from one area to another for entertainment without being worried about the movement. You may use it indoor or outdoor at any time.

The brightness of the projector does not limit the environment anyone can watch or work with the projector. With the Epson 2040 projector, the viewing of the images is not affected by the ambient light at all, and therefore you do not need to be in a dark room or use a blind curtain to keep the light off since the brightness can work well in a room that is full of ambient light. Most of the people look for a projector that they can use anywhere to entertain themselves while others look for projectors with little brightness in order for them to use in a dark environment.

 Therefore the large image can be thrown on the screen due to the brightness of the projector and contrast ratio. Epson 2040 is great for gaming as it has a short time lag of 29 milliseconds that may be too fast for other use but incredibly useful for gaming. This lag time makes the gaming projector to be smooth at any sped of the game and giving the best visual and graphics quality. A good projector is the one that offers you exceptional home cinema experience for you, your family, friends and neighbors from the comfort of your home.

2D and 3D Performance

2D and 3D technology are fantastic as they come with images that are very excellent regarding quality. The Epson 2040 projector has been designed to be rainbow effect free on all screens making it the best for those people that are sensitive to rainbow effect no matter how few it is.

Since we all want to see the texture and every detail of the images shown on the projector, we go for something that offers it all. The Epson 2040 projector delivers the best skin tone and features of everything on the screen; this has been made possible with the exceptional resolution and contrast ratio of the projector.

What makes images to be excellent is the way the projector shows all the black level and whites in the projector. The projector also comes with a noise reduction feature that is great especially t those look for a projector that we only hear what we want to hear. Sometimes most of the projectors are very noisy that it becomes irritating.

The image quality of the 2D and that of 3D do not have much different as they share almost everything that is the same including the variety of the color. Though they share features that are nearly the same, some features only work for 3D like the use of 3D glasses on the projector. In this case, the projector does not come with 3D glasses, and you may be forced to buy one outside the purchase.

This could be one of the improvements the projector could have to help the customers to buy them once and for all. With the capability of the 3D, the Epson Home cinema 2040 review 2019 can connect to the Blu-ray or set-top box for the 3D playback. What makes it incredible is the fact that you can convert from 2D to 3D and vice versa.

Epson home cinema 2040 bulb

Epson home cinema 2040 comes with a genuine OEM bulb. The OEM has been designed to precisely fit the Epson home cinema2040 projector. Apart from the fact that it has been designed to fit the Epson home cinema projector, it comes with 100%original identical lamps same as that already on the projector. The good thing with the high-quality bulb for Epson will provide images that are of high quality and bright too. It also comes with a compatible housing. The replaced bulb works precisely the same as that of the manufacturer on the original bulb inside the projector.


The brightness of the Epson 2040 is incredible as you can switch from one mode to another easy to use what you are comfortable with the comfort of your home. One of the methods is the dynamic, bright cinema mode and true cinema mode. Bright cinema mode is measured at the brightness of 1725 lumens. Bright cinema mode has a subtle bias of blue. It is a compromise between dynamic and natural cinema mode. It also works well in ambient light.

Dynamic cinema mode on the Epson Home cinema projector has a brightness of 2089.This is the normal brightness that the projector comes with without adjustment on the projector. The projector Works well in all environments. Natural cinema mode is the eco mode of the projector. When the projector is set on the eco mode is able to save the light output by more than 30% extending the life of the lamp saving you some bucks that you would have used sooner to replace the bulb of the lamp.

 Since different people have their choices when it comes to the light output of the projector, the lamp life differ depending on the choice. When we use in full light, the lamp light goes for a shorter time when compared to that of eco mode where the light is saved and goes a long way before one could change the bulb.


There is not many that need to be improved on the Epson projector as most of the features have been designed to meet what the previous one had limitations. What should be improved is the modes offered by the Epson home cinema projector as they have some downsides while in use.

Though the projector comes with the noise reduction features, the noise is not that quiet hence they should make some improvements on it to give the best service. The current Epson home cinema projector does not have lens shift. With improvements on the lens shift, it would be easier to make replacements. Another thing that should be improved is the zoom range that should be larger than the 1.2x that it comes with. What needs to be enhanced also is backlit on the remote that is missing. Without backlit, it is difficult to use in darkness.

Long Lamp Life

The lamp life of the projector is very important as it will determine the amount you will spend on a replacement and also how long will I take to replace another one. When the replacement of a lamp is cheap, many people will not issue to use the projector as they know they will be able to replace it at an affordable price. As we continue to advance in technology, things are becoming cheaper each day. Therefore, the amount of money used to be spent on lamp replacement was huge, thus expensive for most of the people.

 Since replacement of the lamp could be found at $ at the moment, someone could use and replace it with your TV and use it almost eight hours a day.
  • The projector is affordable
  • Great resolution of 1080p
  • The projector does not have rainbow effects
  • The motion of the projector is smooth
  • Has short lag time great for gaming
  • Excellent image quality both 2D and 3D

Epson home cinema 2040 manual

The Epson Home Cinema 2040 projector manuals are very easy to use and understand, and you may not find any problem following it. The manual takes you through on what to expect on your projector and how to use it.

The first it does it to take you through your projector, how to set your projector, how to use the wireless network projection, using essential projector features, adjusting projector features, adjusting the menu settings, maintaining and transporting the projector, solving problems, technical specifications and noises. Hence, these are some of the things that the projector manual comes with to guide the customer on the use.


The Epson Home Cinema 2040 projector delivers the best image quality and great short lag time for gaming. The projector is the best for those looking for remarkable home cinema experience right in the comfort of their rooms. The features are amazing and worth getting the affordable price it comes with.

The Epson projector gives the best sound audio that you may not need an external sound system. When planning to go out with friends you are not worried about how to carry the projector as it has been designed to be small and easy to move around in a small bag or your handbag.

Therefore, the Epson Home Cinema projector is the best home entertainment as compared with other projectors in the market of the same model.

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