Deeplee Projector Review: DeepLee Mini Projector DP300 Portable LED Projector support PC Laptop USB

Entertainment has been in the century the most relaxing method after a long day. With technology improving daily, the manufacturers have been able to design projectors that are affordable and portable. Home theaters may have been viewed as for the rich but not anymore.

With the cheap and affordable projector in the market, anyone can own even two per household. A home theater makes it more fun and enjoys watching movies and playing games at home.

Here makes it cheaper for you and saves your time from going to cinema theaters to watch a movie. Deeplee Projector has been designed to give the best experience to you and your family. With its small and compact size, you can be able to watch from anywhere. With its excellent features, you can be sure to experience the best entertainment right in your living room.

If you intend for a small and affordable projector for home entertainment, then look for Deeplee Mini Projector. You can be able to enjoy with family members and friends.

Deeplee Projector Review

Size and portability

The projector has been designed in small size and compact to enable smooth movement and also to carry. You can quickly consider a movie, play game and even your favorite shows anywhere in your compound after set up.

It uses a portable power bank that makes it easy to charge the projector from wherever you intend to watch from. The light weighs on the projector has been dramatically reviewed by clients to have the best appearance and size too.


The deeplee projector uses an LED light source that has 10- 24W and lamp lifespan of 30000 hours/This makes the projector last longer before the bulb could be replaced with a new one. The long lifespan gives you a chance to save up some money.

The projector is environmentally friendly and is not harmful to the eye. With the energy saving capability, you can save on electricity and money too. Here makes the projector one of the best to purchase and cheaper too. The projector is best used in a darker room to enable a better view and also the enjoyment of the movie and anything else you could be watching.


The projector comes with many connectivity ports and interfaces like AV/ USB/SD/HDMI ports. It is easy to connect your PC, Laptop, Mac, Hard Drive and more. You may not be able to connect your phone to the projector as it does not accommodate the HDMI port. For you to connect your Smartphone, you may need an HDMI adapter for connectivity. You can be able to connect your PS 3 or PS 4 to the projector and play your favorite game or even watch world cup or other live games. The inbuilt speakers produce the best surround sound in the room.


The projector can be able to produce clear images with a brightness of 600 lumens and a resolution of 320 x 240 p native and can support up to 1080 p. To have a better view of the screen, adjust your projector to size 55’ inches. The projector delivers the best quality images that are clear, sharp and in full details.

Features Of The Deeplee Projector

  • DeepLee Mini Projector has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels
  • The brightness of 400 to 600 lumens
  • Contrast: 800:1
  • Projection size: 24-60 inches
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3
  • Projection distance: 1 -3.8M
  • Absolute power: 24W(12V, 2A)
  • The projector is operated Manually and remote controlled
  • DeepLee Mini Projector comes in Chinese, English, French, languages
  • A V, USB, SD card, HDMI
  • Loudspeaker, Stereo headphone
  • DeepLee Mini Projector has 1x Power adapter, 1x Remote control, 1x AV cable

  • Pros
    • The projector is light and portable.
    • The projector has a reduced fan noise.
    • It is affordable.
    • Have connectivity ports for USB and other ports.
    • The images are clear.
    • The projector light is not harmful to the eye.
    • It is environmental friendly.
    • The projector does not come with HDMI connectivity cable for Smartphone.
    • DeepLee Mini Projector Color Is white and yellow

    The Final Words

    From what we know we may have to say that indeed the projector is worth buying from its impressive features. Though with the price range of the projector you cannot expect a projection quality of that of $1000 price.

    Each projector has their price and features that suit their design and expectation. It may not be suitable for classroom and also a business presentation. If you are looking for a perfect experience, you better use the projector for home.

    The projector can give the best projection in a darker room than in a room with ambient light. Therefore, the projector is not recommended for a classroom or either a business presentation.

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