Crenova XPE500 LED Movie Projector for Home Theater

Movie nights could be very entertaining and enjoyable with friends and family together. Getting a perfect projector may be a little tricky to select the right one for you. It is essential to comprehend what you genuinely require a projector and what you want to experience. A projector can be useful for a fantastic weekend and night at home with your family. With a variety of projectors in the market with extraordinary features, you can be able to get a perfect projector. The Crenova XPE500 LED Video Projector incorporates impressive features that you will find unpredictable and amazing. Here we are going to discuss the extraordinary features of the Crenova XPE500 and why it is worth buying.

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Crenova XPE500 LED Video Projector Home Projector


Since the projector has been upgraded, it is capable of producing 50% brightness more than other projectors. Here is possible due to the upgrade and increase of the lumens; this projector has been designed for home use and may be ungood for business. The lumens have been increased by 20 % the ordinary projector. It is ideal for use in a darker environment. Here is to bring out the best pictures and images displayed on the screen without distortion. The projector uses led light in the lamps. The LED has great advantages in the projector as it increases the lifespan of the bulb. The lamp life of a projector that has led capability can have the lamp life of even up to 30,000 hours when compared to the traditional lamps; it is almost five times the lifespan of traditional bulbs. The Crenova projector has a brightness of 1200 lumens.


The projector has been designed for home entertainment. Since the projector can be used in a darker room, it is convenient for one to set aside one room or outdoor space to put a home theater in the compound. You can decide to convert one of the bedrooms to make a home theater and buy blind curtains to help in the control of the light coming to the room from the windows. The projector can be viewed better when in a darker environment without distorting the images. It is important to close all the windows to avoid penetration of the light inside the room. You do not need buying tickets to watch ball or even movies at the theater or the field. You will just set up the projector and the screen in your room and start watching those games and movies. Here can be convenient for you to watch at the comfort of your own home with family.


The home video projector comes with full-color technology that renders a large and vivid image in the dark environment. The LED (Light-emitting diode) lamp life is extended to 30000 hours, so this portable projector is your choice. The projector has a resolution of 1080p and 720 p producing sharp and clear images. Since the projector can produce images between 33” and 200′, the images focus is great and can fit perfectly on the screen. When the projector is set at arranges beyond that may transform the focus of the image on the screen. The image focus on the screen depends mostly on the position of the projector in the room. The projector may be of a reduced price, but it accompanies impressive features including the keystone correction. This feature enables the projector to be adjusted from one direction to the other to attain the correct image position.


The XPE500 has been designed to be compatible with different devices by connecting through cables or even wirelessly. You can be able to connect your projector to the computer to watch the videos on the computer directly through the projector to either a big screen or the wall. It is either possible to use USB to play games by connecting the USB to the projector and play your favorite games. You can listen to music immediately from your phone through the HDMI feature. If you have files in your computer, you can be able to watch or view from your computer directly to the screen or the wall depending on what you are using at that moment. Some projector can show quality images on the wall than others, so it depends on the color of the wall


The XPE500 projector has been designed with many connectivity options that could be useful to you when in need of connection to your phone, USB, or even the computer. The HDMI port in the projector can accept 1080p signal and be able to downscale it to the native resolution to enable it to be viewed as a device complying with the native resolution. The VGA port allows connection to the computer and downscales the pixels to the native resolution for a better view of the images on the screen. Since the projector has been designed with an inbuilt video processor, you can be able to easily play video files from external memory like USB of up to 64 gigabytes without any disconnection or interruption by the signal. The multimedia capacity is so amazing you do not have to be bored as you can play video games on the projector with your family and friends. In fact is one of the most effective means of bringing a family together is by having family movies and games at home during the weekend or even during the holidays.

  • Crenova Projector comes with multimedia capabilities that are HDMI cable and an RCA adapter.
  • Crenova Projector has a remote sensor.
  • The images are incredible for a small projector.
  • Since the projector is small in size, it can be easily carried around.
  • Compatibility with other devices.

The projector may be cheap but the features are commendable. We can say that the projector is our best choice for home entrainment. Here is because of its features that give sharp images and great brightness. Though the projector is recommended for home use, you can still you for a small business presentation. We can say that purchasing this projector is worth it, as it can give you the best experience.

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