Best Projector Under 300 Dollars In 2021 Review

Perfect projectors under $300 dollars finding Are not easy. I think you know better. Today I will talk about the best projector under 300 In 2019-2020.
Projectors these days are popular media that is available in the technology world meant for multi purposes like entertainment, business, education, and much more. If you are looking for the best projector under 300 dollars, then you must read the reviews 2019-2020 mentioned below.
When comes to buying a new projector for your home, so many things requires your attention. For those who cannot afford fancy home theatre, projectors are the ideal and economical replacement. Completion in the market is so tough that you may get what to pick and what to leave.

These are compiled by looking at the best features, durability and response from customers. These are highly rated due to its projection quality, its sound, weight, installation convenience and much more.
Editors Choice: Best Projector Under 300

1. Smart Portable Mini Projector Review

With this small but mighty device, you can be entertained whenever and the way you want to. Either you watch movies or dramas, play your favorite games, or connect your videos from your phone, you will find it amazing in every single way.

It has Android 4.4.4. It is, RAM is 1 GB and its flash memory is 32GB. Its image quality is impressive due to the brightness of 300 ISO lumens. It adds fun by getting connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also supports HD 1080p.

Its resolutions and the contrast ratio are high that is why the image quality is fantastic. Its battery timing is too long which makes it even better. It can be connected to a laptop, PC, iPads, smartphones, PS4 and XBOX so that you can watch anything you want.

Besides entertainment purpose, you can also use it for the educational or business purpose of presenting a presentation, slide shows and much more. It can be used both in indoor & outdoor. As it is small and handy, it can be taken and used anywhere like school, parties, universities, offices etc. It operates through an air mouse as well. It adjustable on the tripod and it can be rotated in the direction of your desire and as per your comfort.

2. ExquizOn S6 Mini Cube Pico DLP Projector 1080P Supported HD Wireless Wifi Smart Video Projector

ExquizOn S6 Mini Cube Pico DLP Projector is a small pack of technology filled with the fantastic features meant for your ease and entertainment. Its size is small, i.e. 2.16*2.16*2.16 inches and weight is 38 lbs., which means exceptionally lightweight and essay to carry almost everywhere.

Due to this portability, you can take this pack of entertainment practically anywhere and enjoy to the fullest. Either you are with your friends or in the family, or a business meeting, it can entertain so many people at one time.

Its projection size is 100inch which means a fantastic viewing experience. It can be connected to the laptop, phone, iPad etc. due to HDMI port. You can enjoy games, your favorite movies, deliver presentations almost anywhere. It has the built-in battery of 2500mAH i.e. it works up to 2 hours after the projector is fully charged. Its results are crystal clear and bright. You can surf the internet via getting it connected to phone or laptop which adds more fun.

It is so small that it can be cover under your hands. Due to this tiny size, it can be kept even in a pocket It supports 1080P HD. The fan noise is low that is why you can enjoy the smooth and uninterrupted program. It is easy to install and straightforward to use. It supports all type of audio and video formats. The ratings given by the customers is very positive.

3. TENKER S6 Mini Cube DLP Projector with Wi-Fi, Portable LED Pocket Pico Projectors

If you are looking for the projector with high definition images and quality videos, then TENKER S6 Mini Cube DLP Projector is a perfect choice. It is amongst the top rated projectors that form razor sharp pictures and the videos, leaves the user highly impressed and entertained. The colors are so bright and warm that you feel excited every time to use it due to its high-quality results.

Its native resolution is 854*480 (FWVGA). It has a built-in Linux system with Wi-Fi is cohesive, and as a result, you can enjoy live streaming and viewing side by side. It can be connected to iOS and Android both which makes it more user-friendly. It has a lithium battery that can work up to 1.5 continuously if charged fully.

This tiny pack of entertainment forms projection screen 7-100 inches with a projection distance of can be connected to phones, laptop, tablet, XBOX etc. its amazing results make an environment of a cinema. It encourages the majority of formats of video and audio.

Its LED brightness is 100 ANSI Lumen and it has high 800×480 native resolution. It is based on technology with low fan noise. Furthermore, you can attach headphones and external speakers as well. This specific projector is not much recommended for the business purpose rather than the entertainment purpose only.

4. Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA 3D DLP Projector with Superior Lamp Life and HDMI

Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA is among the top rated projectors with 3500 lumens and the contrast ratio 22,000:1. It has the sharper image that impresses the user with its Rec709 color accuracy.

It is an affordable device with the lamp life of 10,000 hours. This projector has options for multiple connectivities with extensive I/O support.

The Optoma S341 is more recommended for the usage in classrooms and medium business. It provides a smooth image with the help of an edge mask that removes soft edges and jaggies on the edge of the Projection image. It is a lightweight device and that is why it is quickly moved anywhere especially for different meetings outside or around the office.

Optoma S341 gives highly impressive results by providing the presentations in amazing 3500 ANSI lumens and amazingly bright, sharp and intense colors. It supports I/O with HDMI, VGA-In, VGA-out etc. it can be adjusted as per wall color hence improves the quality and the sharpness of projection surfaces of varying color. Optoma S341 3500 is more useful when the white wall is not available.

Due to its small size, it can be used in conference rooms, business presentation, lecture delivery and much more. Ranking as per customers is very positive hence it is highly recommended.

5. COCAR Mini Video Projector DLP Outdoors Movie Player Portable Projector Review

COCAR Mini Video Projector is based on the pioneering technology i.e. DLP projector tech. It has an Android Operation System which allows you to use many applications like Skype, PDF, Microsoft office, pictures browsing etc. It has a connectivity option for Bluetooth as well. Its CPU is Quad-Core, hence high speed and smooth usage for the users. It has ports for HDMI, TF and USB through which laptop, iPad, XBOX, PSP etc. can be connected which is highly entertaining for the users. It can be placed on the table, tripod and can be mounted on the ceiling as well.

It is used for both business and the entertainment purpose it can be operated like a smartphone hence many applications can be downloaded in it. So either you use it for the business purpose or the entertainment purpose, you will highly be satisfied with the results. It is operated with the USB mouse and the remote.

Its 100 High Lumens and its maximum project size is150 inches with projector dimension of 158*80*18mm. Its body is made of aluminum. It can also be connected through hotspot made by the phone if no Wi-Fi connection is available. It has a large capacity 4200mAh rechargeable battery so that it can be used up to continuous 2.5 hours. It has built-in Google play app store which allows you to download apps of your choice.

6. RIF6 CUBE Pico Video Projector with 120 Inch Display – 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector

If you are looking for a tiny projector with diverse features, then RIF6 CUBE Pico Video Projector is something worth trying. It is a small cubical device that can be used for anything like cinema, educational, entertainment, business and much more. It has its internal speaker, SD card reader, domestic battery and much more. It can bring life to wherever it is used with its high-quality image and sound.
You can play games, see your pictures, stream movies from your phone or laptop through HDMI. You can put it on the table, tripod or mount it on your ceiling. The result of the image is so sharp and bright that you never get bored of using it. Its casing is made of aluminum which makes its body strong and durable. It is lightweight, portable and easy to use and install.
It is based on the latest technology. Its brightness is 50 lumens which project very sharp images and videos. It supports SD card and has HDMI which allows connectivity and streaming via phone, tablet, computer etc. its Native Resolution 854×480 (WVGA), and its Video Input up to Full HD 1080p. It is affordable in price and highly ranked by its users. It is recommended for all purposes.

7. BenQ MS524AE DLP 3300 lm SVGA Video Projector Review

BenQ MS524AE DLP 3300 lm SVGA is a fantastic addition to the family of projectors. Its images projected are high and sharp in quality as its brightness is 3300ANS Lumen. It has a contrast ratio 15, 000: 1. It has two HDMI ports which allow different media connectivity be making it worthy and more entertaining. You can connect laptop, phone, PC etc. with it. It also has a port for the connectivity via USB.

It is a simple device which is user-friendly and easy to install. Its maintenance is too simple and hassles free. BenQ MS524AE is an eco-friendly device with a low and affordable price.
BenQ MS524AE is made for quality projection whether it is a conference room for a meeting, for presentation or the lecture delivery in the classroom. Its results are bright and crystal clear due to which its users are very satisfied. It has the built-in speakers who give a quality sound effect with the high-quality video projection.

External speaker can also be connected to it. It has SVGA 800 x 600 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio to deliver the wide and clear image for business and commercial purpose. It can be operated with the wireless mouse and the remote control.

8. TOUMEI Mini Portable Video Projector Max Throw 120 Display, Smart Mobile Projector Review

Now here comes a projector which is based on latest and fantastic technology i.e. TOUMEI Mini Portable Projector. It is as small as iPhone 7P, so it can be carried in hand or pocket to almost everywhere you desire.

Its design in such a way that it is easy to install. It is designed for an indoor and outdoor purpose specifically for mobile and home entertainment.

Regardless of its size, its image quality is stunning. Resolutions are high with the brightness of 100 ANSI lumen. It forms an HD image whose projection is up to 120 inches; it supports 1080P HD video. It has built-in speakers yet external speakers can also be connected if desired.

It is a lightweight device of 0.58lb. It is rechargeable and has a longtime battery timing. This technology is no more based on HDMI technology but a wireless projector. It supports AirPlay and Happycast technology i.e. I can be connected to iPhone and iPad directly. Now sharing movies and images with your family and friends is much easier than before.

It has a feature of auto-focus and ± 45o auto keystone correction due to which distorted images are automatically corrected. It has an updated cooling fan system which allows you to watch uninterrupted and smooth viewing.

9. Nebula Capsule, by Anker, Smart Portable Wi-Fi Pico Projector Review

Nebula capsule projector is based a can-design, easily portable, solely made to entertain its user at highest. It has amazing specs that make its users never bored by using it. Its images and video have remarkable clarity, sharpness and contrast. It is DLP’s advanced IntelliBright algorithms which provide an amazingly bright output as it is100 ANSI lumens.

Nebula most unusual feature is its 360° Speaker which allows sound to come out in all the directions hence fantastic sound results along with high picture quality. Its Display Technology is 0.2″ FWVGA DLP and its aspect ratio is 16: 9

It is so light in weight that it can be carried anywhere you want.

It is based on Android 7.1 therefore, man apps can be downloaded. It allows smooth live streaming of the content from Netflix, YouTube, etc. Nebula Capsule gives you the effect of smart cinema that can be enjoyed any time a day, anywhere.

Thanks to Android 7.1 that you can play anything from your favorite video streaming app and you can enjoy the project video up to100 inches big. Nebula Capsule more fun when the sound of the video is played on the 360° speakers. It has playtime up to 4hours with broad connectivity. The response from the customers is satisfactory.

10. Mini Portable Pocket Projector with 120-inch Display

It will not be wrong if we tell that Mini Portable Pocket Projector is the best choice for the buyer to buy due to many quality features that are packed in its tinny body.

Pocket Projector provides 34”-120” large projection screen size and 3ft-10ft projection distance. This small projector can turn an ordinary room or place into a home theatre. It can be used for multi-purpose i.e. for classroom, business or entertainment purpose.

You can give presentations on it, or you can watch your favorite video, play your favorite game and much more. It is a small yet a simple machine that can be taken anywhere due to its natural installation and application.

Its weight is only 0.58lb and it is as small as iPhone8P. It is perfect for both work life and entertainment. It works on HappyCast tech hence can be connected to the iPhone and the iPad. It can also be connected through an HDMI cable to any device like XBOX, laptop run Android OS and can be used as an ordinary smartphone to download data and apps of your desire. It allows smooth live streaming of the videos from the video playing apps. It will enable Bluetooth connectivity as well. External speaker can be attached for the optimum sound quality.

11. ViewSonic PA503S 3600 Lumens SVGA HDMI Projector Review

ViewSonic PA503S is amazing due to being the multi-purpose projector. It has excellent features that are ideal for business and educational purpose. It has a big screen projection with bright and precise results. It has 3600 lumens which due to which results of the projected image and video is fantastic. It projects the image of 120 inches when placed at the distance of 15-feet 8-inches. It is a simple and less complicated technology that is easy to use and install. Simply plug and play your presentations!

It supports all types of media i.e. laptop, iPad, PC etc. It can be connected to the XBOX, PSB etc. so that you can also enjoy the gaming on the big screen. Also it supports both Android and iOS. It can be connected to the laptops and other similar devices via HDMI, VGA etc.

It has an affordable price and positive customer response. Its battery timing is good and works for almost two hours if fully charged. It supports almost all formats of audio and video. It has an internal speaker that gives audio effects to the visuals. External speakers also be connected with it. Its price is affordable and the response from the customers is satisfactory.

12. Epson VS250 SVGA 3,200 lumens color brightness HDMI 3LCD Projector Review

The projection result of Epson VS250 is supreme and that is why it has a high demand in the projector market. Its colors are not affected and are clear and accurate even if the room is lit up. The image and video quality are lovely because of 3200 lumens.

Epson VS250 SVGA resolution is 800 x 600 which is meant for the day to day business and other presentations and relevant graphics. Its installation is straightforward and its operation is fast and direct. It supports HDMI hence any media can be connected to it without and hustle. It supports all audio and video formats.

It has extended battery timings and light in weight. The project dimension is 11.9 x 3.2 x 9.2 inches. Its contrast ratio is 15000:1. Its fan operates on a mechanism of silence operation so that the viewers do not get distracted by its noise. It has the Built-in 2W speaker which provides clear and crisp sound. It is operated via remote and can be accessed from any side of the room. It has a very good rating from its customers.
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13. Conclusion

We hope that while buying a new projector, the reviews above will be helpful in making a wise decision. So don’t waste your time and grab the one that suits best for you and fulfill your requirement well. Whether you chose it for the business purpose or the entertainment purpose, you will not be disappointed by your choice.

Price Disclaimer:

We have listed here budget under 300 dollar projectors but sometimes projectors price cross $300+.

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