Best Projector Under 100: Top 12 Cheap Projectors Under 100 With Buying Guide

Among scores of digital equipment and gadgets, projectors have taken a very prominent place in everyday computer usage, even growing to rank closely with personal computer sets due to the degree of versatility of information transfer they deliver. One thing for sure: Selecting the best quality projector under 100 dollars Is not easy.

In the midst of all the good projectors have brought to the 21st Century, one of the most uncertain factors that drawback buyers from making use of projectors are the hefty prices tagged on them, with a single set costing as much a thousand dollars.

Well, that was then. Today, despite the notion that cheaper products tend to be of lower quality when compared to their costlier counterparts, there are decent projectors that put as little pressure as possible on the wallet, while delivering competitive quality nonetheless.

Best Projector Under 100

Criteria To Consider.

In this article, we’ve put together an exhaustive list of the 21 best projectors that you can purchase if your budget is fixed at $100. Here you will find out that we graded these articles with a spotlight on their features, such as;

  1. Lamp lifetime.
  2. Luminous intensity
  3. Brightness
  4. Ease of setup and use
  5. Variety of connection interfaces, and
  6. Control protocols.

If you’re in the market for a new projector to kick off with or just a backup set, then you’re in the right place as the collection we’ve put together on this list can guarantee you fabulous quality delivery.

Here are the eight best projectors that you should grab if you’re looking to spend just $100 and nothing beyond; have fun reading, and then go out there and grab one for yourself. You will thank us for such a smart choice.

Our Best Pick

Our Best Pick Under $100
Also Great
Home Theater
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB
DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Video Projector, Compatible With TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, TF, AV, Sound Bar, Video Games [2020 Latest Upgrade]
Mini Projector, Meyoung【2019 Upgraded】 Touch Panel LED Video Projector, HD LCD Outdoor Movie Projector 1080P Supported for Home Theater, Compatible with PC/Mac/TV/DVD/iPhone/iPad/USB/SD/AV/HDMI
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB
DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Video Projector, Compatible With TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, TF, AV, Sound Bar, Video Games [2020 Latest Upgrade]
Mini Projector, Meyoung【2019 Upgraded】 Touch Panel LED Video Projector, HD LCD Outdoor Movie Projector 1080P Supported for Home Theater, Compatible with PC/Mac/TV/DVD/iPhone/iPad/USB/SD/AV/HDMI
18,119 Reviews
1,845 Reviews
29 Reviews
Our Best Pick Under $100
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB
VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170'' Display Supported, Portable Movie Projector with 40,000 Hrs LED Lamp Life, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV and USB
18,119 Reviews
Also Great
DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Video Projector, Compatible With TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, TF, AV, Sound Bar, Video Games [2020 Latest Upgrade]
DR. J Professional 4500L Mini Projector Full HD 1080P Supported Portable Video Projector, Compatible With TV Stick, HDMI, VGA, USB, TF, AV, Sound Bar, Video Games [2020 Latest Upgrade]
1,845 Reviews
Home Theater
Mini Projector, Meyoung【2019 Upgraded】 Touch Panel LED Video Projector, HD LCD Outdoor Movie Projector 1080P Supported for Home Theater, Compatible with PC/Mac/TV/DVD/iPhone/iPad/USB/SD/AV/HDMI
Mini Projector, Meyoung【2019 Upgraded】 Touch Panel LED Video Projector, HD LCD Outdoor Movie Projector 1080P Supported for Home Theater, Compatible with PC/Mac/TV/DVD/iPhone/iPad/USB/SD/AV/HDMI
29 Reviews
Best Projector Under $100

Small budget projector may not be as high quality as the more expensive ones however our expert editors found the options offering the best compromise between price and quality. If possible please try to Increase the budget for the excellent projectors.

DBPOWER Mini Projector

The name DBPOWER may not be familiar to you as a major electronics company as you’re in your search for an economical projector that delivers competitive quality, but make no mistake, there’s more to it than meets the eyes. The DBPOWER Mini was designed with all kinds of viewing situations in mind, ranging from a family streaming Netflix in their living room, to an entire class watching a documentary in History class. Designed to effortlessly deliver a crisp 1080P display to viewers across all kinds of settings, the DBPOWER Mini achieves this by projecting a super-sized display that goes from 32” all the way to 176”, when placed at a distance of 1.3 – 5m.

The DBPOWER Mini is equipped with an ultra-improved LED lamp that guarantees you a robust lifetime of 50,000 hours. Even if you binge-watch Netflix for 4 hours every night, the DBPOWER Mini will stay with you for 7.5 years, delivering a quality standard that keeps you rockin’. In few words, you just can’t out-watch it. Oh, and with that, the DBPOWER Mini is fitted out with 6 laser-like focus lenses that deliver crystal clear image on the projection surface, preventing external light sources from distorting your image quality and brushing up overall image sharpness.

One major hitch that either prevents many high-end projectors from working optimally or puts them in bad shape after a short while is merely the lack of care to hook up a cooling system that actually keeps the internal components of your projector at ambient temperature while the projector is running. And given the amount of heat a projector set generates, it’s easy to understand why many sets give up after a short while. But not the DBPOWER Mini. The DBPOWER Mini was built to last, and with its dual cooling setup, you can be sure that the heat will keep flowing out while your projector keeps giving you superb image quality.

If we put our spotlight on configuration variety, the DBPOWER Mini will still look good, given that it supports input from laptops, smartphones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV Stick, X box, USB sticks, and even DVD players. It’s evident that the DBPOWER Mini was designed to project video from wherever you’ve stored it.

And whoever said that you can only get good sound from Amazon Echo? The DBPOWER Mini doesn’t agree with that, and it delivers a solid surround-style audio quality that fills the space you’re using it in, making your viewing experience come alive more vividly. If you intend to do some projecting outdoors, the DBPOWER Mini still has you covered; the sound quality stays the same everywhere.

The DBPOWER team is putting much effort into making their piece of pace-setting tech; what’s more, they are putting in equally admirable effort in ensuring that your purchase keeps you happy for as long as you need it. With 3 years of ready-to-go technical support and a 12-hour support response time frame, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel good buying the DBPOWER Mini.

And if you’re still not convinced, then it’s better you hear from those who have voted from their pockets. With nearly 1500 reviews by various customers, the DBPOWER Mini has maintained a 4.3-star rating out of a possible 5-star grade, which is more spectacular than most big electronics firms can boast of with their own projector sets.

Like all the stunning specifications the DBPOWER Mini already has wasn’t enough, the projector’s superb quality is topped off by a smart, eco-friendly design and noise reduction enhancements. The DBPOWER Mini rocks.

The projector is packed with features that include:

  • Projection Size: 32-176 Inches
  • Inputs: Audio, AV, USB, SD-Card, and HDMI.
  • Brightness: 1500 Lumen
  • Supported Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • 3-year warranty term and fabulous customer support.
  • Easy to set up.
  • May not be suitable for working applications.

DR. J PROFESSIONAL 4500L - [2020 Latest Upgrade]

What do you get when you take an already fabulous piece of tech and improve it further? DR. J PROFESSIONAL – that’s what you get. The team at DR. J has done an unarguably good job with the design of the Professional, but like that wasn’t enough, they went all in, improving everything and bringing out a fantastic box of enjoyment that costs under $100.

The DR. J Professional is an improvement that comes along with a 20% brightness improvement that levels out at 2600 LUX of shiny goodness that will make your Netflix nights an entirely new experience. To enhance the quality of video images delivered to users, the DR. J team has also improved the projection color contrast to 2000:1, thereby sharpening the grade of display color offered to you, the viewer. The DR. J Professional’s versatile design guarantees you good views on a projection surface of as much as 170”.

One big issue with watching videos on LED display is the fact that the impact of direct light could be tiring to the eyes. That’s not the case with the Professional; their light diffusion display scatters the light evenly, making sure you can watch good quality videos for more extended periods. Add to that a 40,000-hour LED lifetime and you can be assured that this box will exceed your expectations year after year – even if you spend half the day on Prime Video or Netflix.

And the DR. J Professional was built to seamlessly connect with any device where you store your videos and to project them with breathtaking clarity. Devices supported include video game consoles like the PlayStation, Wii, XBOX; mainstream entertainment portals such as Roku, Google Chromecast, and HDMI connection interface that makes it a breeze setting up the Professional to play videos from your Android smartphone and iPhone.

The DR. J Professional also sets the bar very high for other projectors with its collection of a five-layer LCD lens display which focuses the video projected with pinpoint accuracy and ensures you quality video quality. This unassuming projector comes along with a dual cooling system that dissipates all the heat accumulated from its operation and also reduces the noise generated by the set to a manageable 45.3 dB. That said, you don’t need to worry about your projector ever overheating after extensive usage; it’s covered already.

For situations where you’ll have to use the DR. J Professional with a bunch of buddies, you can be sure that with an inbuilt stereo, you will hear Captain America clearly when he’s talking to Thanos before their fight begins. You don’t want to take chances when the movie’s at its sweetest, do you? A vibrant stereo surround makes sure you will and beyond that, with a headphone output port, you can get all the action right in your head at no extra cost.

All these impressive specs are covered by a generous 1-year replacement or refund warranty and are contained in just 2 pounds of weight.

The projector is packed with features that include:
  • Display: LCD
  • Light Source: LED
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Native Resolution: 800*480
  • Lamp Life: 40,000
  • Projection Display: 32″-170″
  • Power Supply AC IN: 100V-240V 50/60HZ
  • Pros:
    • Extra-lightweight.
    • Compared to other projectors on our list, the DR. J’s warranty term is a bit limited at just 1 year.

    VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini Projector

    When we thought we had seen it all, the VANKYO team decided to show us there’s more around… and more still incoming. The Leisure 3 Mini projector from VANKYO is a projector hybrid that combines low-pricing, energy efficiency, versatility, and laser-sharp brightness all into one to create a projector that exceeds our wildest imaginations.

    Like most of the projectors on our list, the VANKYO Leisure 3 Mini which has been available for sale since it was launched a year ago has undergone incredible improvements that have brought it to the pinnacle of performance and capability in the world of projectors. This carefully crafted box of digital goodness is all powered in the backend by a powerful MSTAR Advanced Color Engine and a consequent 40% increase in its previously well-doing brightness that has been boosted to 2400 LUX, thereby making it a better bet for home settings – in fact, much better than a lot of the heftily priced projectors on the market.

    The Leisure 3 Mini is also topped off with a collection of ready-to-go connection interfaces that enables the Leisure 3 connect and stream video from a wide range of devices and operating systems including the PlayStation operating system, Chromecast, USB devices, Micro SD, AV, VGA (desktop monitors), and even Amazon Fire TV. This assortment of supported input device options makes the Leisure 3 Mini a largely plug-and-play set that can be set up to deliver unforgettable experiences in just minutes.

    No matter how small or big you’re looking to go with the Leisure 3 Min, it’s got you covered. With a minimum display area of 32” that rises all the way to 176”, the Leisure 3 Mini can be used in your living room to watch a reality show episode or be set up in the garage for a bunch of your buddies who’re sleeping over. Anyhow you love the Leisure 3 Mini best, it’s ready for your use in diverse use cases.

    As most of the projectors we’ve reviewed have been designed, the Leisure 3 Mini similarly comes along with a pair of stereo sets that pump out high-quality audio along with your video, as well as a cooling unit that filters out heated air and maintains ambient temperature within the projector unit.

    As we all know, when a company is confident in the quality of their products, all they do is to give you a crazy warranty and then ask you to knock yourself out using the product anyway that’s reasonable. Apparently, the team at VANKYO are really pumped about the potentials of their Leisure 3 Mini, and as a result, they’re offering a total 3-year guarantee to buyers, promising warm technical support should it be needed and a 100% refund if it’s ever requested. And the customer response towards the Leisure 3 Mini has been explosive, easily blowing away all our previous records of product success. Not counting the unverified and unrecorded purchases, the number of reviewers nearly hit the 1900 mark and averaged out at 4.5 stars out of 5 possible stars. Clearly, the VANKYO team know what they’re doing, and they’re doing it all the more. Good job.

    The projector is packed with features that include:

  • The VANKYO Leisure Mini has an LED Display Brightness of 2400 (LUX)
  • Supported Display Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Approximate Lamp Lifetime: 40, 000 hours of segmented usage
  • Supported Aspect Ratio/ L-H: 4:3\ 16:9\ Auto
  • Screen Projection Area: 33 inches minimum -170 inches maximum
  • Supported Screen Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Pros:
    • A long-term warranty that guarantees you a refund or replacement should your set be damaged by a factory fault.
    • Not the best option for larger viewer groups or for enterprise applications.

    VIVIMAGE C480 Mini Movie Projector

    As a kid, you probably wished from time to time that you could take the cinema home so you could watch Spiderman swinging through the skies of New York while you’re lying in bed munching a bowl of popcorn… Didn’t happen then, but could it happen now? What if we told you that with under $100 you could get yourself a portable cinema that you can carry anywhere and still get the same degree of awesomeness that full-screen HD TV sets boast of? Won’t believe us, would you?

    Turns out that’s what we have up our sleeves here. The VIVIMAGE C460 Mini projector is the stuff of your sweetest dreams.

    The C480 Mini sets a bar for many other projector sets to hurdle over with its brightness factor that has been boosted by over 60%, bringing out the tiniest bit of details in any movie. You’ll be able to clearly see that sniper on a faraway skyscraper before he takes a shot at the terrorist who can’t see him in the movie. How cool is that?

    With a fine-tuning of the C460 Mini’s LCD component, this projector set spins out fluidly, crisp images with a resolution of as high as 1080 pixels and a base resolution of 480 pixels. All that means is that with the C480, video entertainment comes to life right in your living room, creating immersive experiences that last you for years.

    Eco-friendly turns out to be another word that would appropriately define the C480, judging by its lamp life of over 50,000 hours. Even if you land a job as a movie reviewer, you can rest assured that your VIVIMAGE C480 Mini will be by your side for years to come, giving you video quality that will keep you on your toes.

    To boost the energy efficiency of the VIVIMAGE C480 Mini, their development team has bundled it with a fully functional cooling system that disperses any heat that the set generates. This is done so fast to ensure on your movie night, nothing goes off at that moment when an alien invasion is about hitting planet earth, and the Avengers are on the way. You don’t even want to take chances at that special moment.

    As a bonus, not only is this projector set designed to connect and display video from a varied bunch of input sources, it is covered by a 3-year warranty option of either a replacement or a full refund, should you ever discover a factory fault with your set. That said, there’s nothing more to be said. Just buy it.

    The projector is packed with features that include:

  • Image system: LCD
  • Light source: LED
  • Lamp lifetime: 50,000 hours
  • Native resolution:1080
  • Contrast ratio: 1000:1
  • Focus: Manual
  • Projection mode: Front Projection
  • Video input: USB/SD/AV/HDMI/VGA
  • Pros:
    • Extensive product warranty.
    • Easy to set up.
    • Improved brightness.
    • Not suitable for PowerPoint business usage.
    • The display gets blurry at the edges.
    • Not compatible with Roku devices.

    TOPVISION Mini Projector

    The TOPVISION Mini projector doesn’t make any braggadocious claims to wow you, blow your roof off, get you clearer video quality than a mirror and all that hype. They keep the talk as little as possible, and when you proceed to buy one, they make you start planning to get another as fast as possible. Thanks to a feedback-responsive support team that relays any views from customers (or so we think) and a substantial research and development team that sincerely wants to make our viewing experiences genuinely blissful.

    From its previously competitive quality, the TOPVISION Mini projector has been upgraded to run with a brightness that easily exceeds 2,300 LUX, beating other mini projectors with its full HD experience that vividly captures every onscreen detail with precision. The TOPVISION Mini also effortlessly projects video sizes that range from 50”, all the way to a richer and more absorbing 176” display.

    Realizing that good video isn’t all that good if you can’t clearly hear what’s happening onscreen, the TOPVISION Mini incorporates a high-performance Hi-fi sound system that fills any enclosure where you watch your videos with a liquid, encompassing audio surround, keeping you immersed into the show until it’s over. To dissipate any heat generated by the TOPVISION Mini’s operation, it comes along with a newly developed cooling system that keeps the set at ambient temperature, eliminating the possibility of damage resulting from a strain on the projector’s internal components. That is also complemented by the fact that the TOPVISION is equipped with noise-muffling capabilities which filter out the buzz generated by the set’s operation and allows you to hear what’s really going on onscreen.

    A robust synchronous interface system means that the TOPVISION can connect and play videos from YouTube, FaceTime, Amazon Fire TV, USB sticks, smartphones, tablets, DVD players, memory chips (supporting memory cards with maximum 32GB storage capacity), PC’s, and even standard television sets.

    Like most of the projectors on our list, the TOPVISION Mini doesn’t slack on brightness; it delivers 2400 LUX of brightness, easily outranking a lot of the more mainstream projector sets that may even cost more. The TOPVISION Mini contains an environmentally friendly internal lamp that can keep on running in the range of a combined 50,000-hour lifetime. Give or take, you can use this lamp for up to 10 years without swapping the lamp – depending on how many hours of video you watch from time to time.

    In the area of home entertainment, the TOPVISION lifts the trophy without stress with its 2000:1 aspect ratio. Also, the TOPVISION team promises you a hitch-free usage of their product, judging by the 2 years of warranty within which if any defect is discovered you will either get a refund or have your projector replaced for free. Customer response to the TOPVISION Mini has been satisfyingly positive: 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 stars is a pointer to the fact that there’s more to the TOPVISION Mini than meets the eyes.

    The projector is packed with features that include:

  • Image system:LCD
  • Lamp lifetime: 50,000 Hours
  • Brightness: 2400 LUX Lumen (50 ANSI Lumen)
  • Display Size: 50” – 176”
  • Focus: Manual
  • Projection mode: Front Projection
  • Output:3.5mm earphone
  • Video input:USB/SD/AV/HDMI/VGA
  • Speaker: Supported.
  • Pros:
    • Good option for gaming
    • Larger than average display.
    • Not ideal for educational applications.
    • Not compatible with 5.1 sound. Might require you to downgrade audio quality if you’re streaming from high-end video streaming sites.

    DR. J Professional HI-04 [Latest Upgrade]

    The DR.J(2021 Upgrade) projector is a great projector for a home entertainment system. It is suitable for movies and video games too. With a supported resolution of 1920×1080, the DR.J(2021 Upgraded) provides great value for money. It has multiple input and output options which makes it a versatile projector.

    DR.J has an audio output so you can plug in your 5.1 surround speakers. Aside from that, the DR.J(2021 Upgraded) can also be mounted on a tripod which is unique to most projectors as only a handful provide that option.

    The projector is packed with features that include:

  • Native Resolution: 840×480
  • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/16:9
  • Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
  • Lamp lifetime: 40000 hours
  • Lumens: 1800
  • Display: 170″
  • Watching Size: 32-176 with projector distance 1.5m-5m
  • Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 2.7 x 6 inches
  • Color: White

  • CiBest Video Projector Multimedia Home Theater

    The CiBest video projector is an excellent projector for your home entertainment system needs. With a projection image size of 33″-150” and a projection distance of 5-16.4 ft, it will provide a big-screen experience whether you are watching movies or football games. It features upgraded LED source technology that projects a bright image that doesn’t strain your eyes as much as TVs, laptops, and tablets do. It is equipped including an innovative cooling system which generates low fan noise that translates into less distraction when watching movies or playing games. It supports connections with PCs, Laptops, TF (Max 64G), USB, iPads, iPhones and Android Smartphones tablets which can help make your viewing experience a lot easier.


  • Native Resolution: 800×480
  • Supported Resolution: 1080P, 720p, 480p
  • Keystone: Manual correction ±15°
  • Video Format: MPG, MPE, VOB, DAT, BUK, TS0, TRP, TS, TP, M2T, RM0, RMV, RM, RMVB, AVI, MP4, DIV,
  • MOV, MKV, WSF, ASF, FLV, WMV, ASM, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, H265
  • Audio Format: WMA/MP3/M4A(AAC)/WAV
  • Image Format: BMP, JPG, JPE, PNG, TIF, GIF

  • Product Includes

  • CiBest LED Projector
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 3 in one AV Cable
  • 1 HDMI cable
  • 1 Remote Control (battery not included)
  • 1 User Manual

  • GooDee 2021 Upgrade G500 Mini Video Projector

    The GooDee G500 provides your home entertainment system with the excellent cinematic viewing experience. It has a natural resolution of 800 x 480P but can also support 1080P. It provides brilliant and vibrant colors when you watch movies or even when you are playing games. With its size, you can take it anywhere you want. It is also 50% brighter compared to other traditional LED projectors.

    The GooDee Mini portable projector added its lumen up to 50 % so that it can meet most customer needs which allow it to provide sharper & clearer images.


  • Native Resolution: 840×480
  • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Contrast:1000:1
  • Size: 8.97 x 5.75 x 3.13 inches
  • Input: HDMI / VGA / USB / AV/SD Card
  • Audio: Built-in 2W speaker
  • Screen Size: 50- 130 inches
  • Throw Distance: 1.5-4m

  • Product Includes:

  • 1 GooDee Projector
  • 1 HDMI Cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • 1 US Power Adaptor
  • 1 3 in 1 AV Cable
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Projector Lens Cap

  • ELEPHAS High Brightness LED Movie Projector

    The ELEPHAS High Brightness LED Movie Projector is an excellent choice for your home entertainment system. It is light and small which makes it portable and convenient for you to take it anywhere. It provides an improved visual experience just like you are in a cinema.

    It boasts of a built-in mercury-free led lamp which can be friendly to your eyes and allows you to use hours and hours of movies and games without causing too much strain to the eyes like what a TV or PC does. It is easy to setup and use, which is a big bonus. It also features an upgraded LED source, which can project sharper images and is also 1.2x brighter compared to other ordinary mini-projectors.


    • Native Resolution: 840×480
    • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080
    • Input: AV/VGA/USB/SD/HDMI
    • Picture Size: 50-130 inches
    • Projection Distance: 4.95-13.12 ft
    • Contrast: 1000 :1
    • Size: 5.63 x 7.6 x 2.68 inches
    • Lamp lifetime: 50000 hours
    • Weight: 196 lbs

    Crenova XPE500 LED Video Projector Home Projector

    The Crenova XPE500 LED Video Projector is the ideal projector for home entertainment in a dark environment. It does not matter if you are watching a movie or a football game, the Crenova XPE500 LED Video Projector provides a big-screen experience like no other projector below $100.

    Because of its upgraded LED source technology, this projector displays a clear image without inflicting too much strain in the eyes as TVs, laptops and tablets so you can enjoy hours and hours of watching your favorite movies, TV shows and games. It also uses square pixels technology which offers more explicit pictures than other projectors.


  • Native Resolution: 800×480 pixels
  • Supported Resolution: 1920×1080 pixels
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:10
  • Projection Ratio: 1.4:1
  • Projection distance: 1.2-3.8m
  • Projection size: 37-130 inches
  • Keystone: Manual correction ±12°

  • Product Includes:

    • 1 Crenova XPE500 mini Projector
    • 1 Power adapter
    • 1 Remote controller
    • 1 3 in 1 AV cable
    • HDMI cable
    • User Manual

    DBPOWER GP15 Mini Portable Projector

    The DBPOWER GP15 Mini features images that are brighter and sharper than other similar projectors in the market today, giving you superior, crystal clear images.

    The DBPOWER GP15 Mini is a superb addition to your home theatre system. Even though this projector is small, it still boasts a considerable projection size, giving you a fantastic theatre experience right in the privacy of your own home. The DBPOWER GP15 Mini has highly efficient light transmission, low distortion and faithful color rendition which significantly enhances the viewing experience. Best of all, it is equipped with an innovative cooling system that has reduced fan noise so you can enjoy your movie to the fullest.


  • Native Resolution: 800X480 Pixels
  • Supported Resolution: 1080P, 720p, 480P
  • Display Technology: LCD
  • Light Source: LED
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Projector dimensions: 8.2×6.7×3 inches
  • Screen size: 32-120 inches
  • Throw distance: 3.3-9.8 feet
  • Keystone: 15 degree Manual Keystone Correction
  • Input: VGA/USB/HDMI/TF(Max 64G)/AV/3.5mm Audio
  • Audio Format:MP3/WMV/ASF/OGG/AAC/WAV
  • Text File: TXT, Image Format: JPEG/BMP/PNG

  • Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector

    The Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector allows you to connect your smartphones and tablets with a USB cable and other standard devices by the USB/AV/SD/HDMI/VGA interfaces. Here makes it an ideal addition to your extensive screen home entertainment system.

    This projector adopts the latest Smarteco Lampcare technology to make the rate of energy conservation by up to 70% and also lengthens the life span of the projector, making it a significant long-term investment. This mini projector is also designed to dissipate heat more efficiently. Lastly, the fan noise is lower than other LED projectors which allows you to watch movies or football games without any distractions.


  • Resolution: 800×480 RGB
  • Highest Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Imaging Technology: TFT LCD
  • Light: LED
  • Life Span: 30,000 hours
  • Lens: Multichip Coated Lens (F=125)
  • Brightness: 1800 lumes
  • Keystone: Manual correction ±15°
  • Contrast: 1000:1
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3/ 16:9
  • Throw Distance: 1.5-4M
  • Screen Size: 50-130 inches
  • Projector Ratio: 1:1.4
  • Unit Size: 8.97×3.13×5.75 inches
  • Net Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Power Voltage: 100V-240V-50/60Hz
  • Integrated watt: 50W(max)

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    Buying a projector with a limited budget is not impossible even though the market is now flooded with lots of options to choose from. With the proper research and knowledge, it can be easy.

    With this collection of projectors under consideration, you have the most cost-effective projectors that still deliver enough quality that makes them a bargain at their prices. Now, what has been your personal experience with projectors? Have you by chance bought one of these sets that we addressed here? How was its performance? Did it exceed your expectations or did it barely manage to work?

    We’d love to know more about your personal experience with budget projectors, and also, if you have any questions, you know we’re just a comment away. Enjoy!

    Price Disclaimer:

    We have listed here budget under 100 dollar projectors but sometimes projectors price cross $100+.

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