Best Mini Projector Under 100: Reviews in 2021 with Buying Guide

The Best Mini Projector Under 100 is the perfect device designed for the entertainment for the users. It is best for those who love the large screen display, indoor and outdoor movie activity and arranging different get together for movies with their friends and family. The projector is the second substitution of the expensive home theater with the expensive sound system.
When to buy the best projector under $100, so many questions come arises in mind. There is so much completion in the market that a person may get confused which one to buy and which one to skip. For the selection of the best projector, it is essential to consider many things like its weight, the complexity of its design, the size of the image, its sharpness, contrast ratio, etc. You should also keep in mind the purpose of the projector i.e. business or entrainment. Not all the projectors are for business purpose or the entertainment purpose. Therefore, it should be decided beforehand. Price is the key feature when you are looking for a projector so that is why we have compiled different projectors that are under $100.

Best Mini Projector Under 100

This article will help you in making the selection of the best projector as per your desire and affordability.
Best Mini Projector Under 100
Top 14 Best Mini Projectors Comparison Table In 2020
Best Mini Projector under $100

1. Docooler Cube DLP Projector Ultra mini 1080P HD Review

It is a small device designed to entertain you with the more extensive and high-quality display. Docooler cube DLP ha amazing features with advanced Multi-Color processing, which produces excellent contrast ratios. Decooler cube DLP has RGB LED Lamps with the lifespan of 30000 hours. It has the brightness of 30ANSI lumens and its contrast ratio is 800:1. The resolution of the image projected is 640 * 360 (WVGA) resolution with the supporting resolution up to 1920 * 1080. It means you can enjoy your favorite drama or movie in HD. The image produced is up to 70 inches.
It has Micro SD Card Slot which supports SD card with the memory of (up to) 64GB and due to this massive space, your favorite and essential data can easily be saved. It is thin in weight & small in size due to which it can be taken anywhere. Its size is only 92g and size is 4.4 * 4.6 * 4.5cm. You can not just watch your favorite shows but can also use it for the presentations, lectures etc. its battery timings is 40 minutes if fully charged. It has built-in speakers with the sound capacity of 1W/8ohm. You can also connect external speakers & headphones.

2. Smartphone Projector for iPhone Android Tablet, Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector 1080P Review

Vamvo Mini Portable Video Projector is a Smartphone Projector for iPhone Android which has made connectivity to a projector with smartphone much more comfortable. Now you do not need to get an MHL cable or HDMI adapter. It is as simple as connecting it directly to iPad, Android, iPhone etc. with just one click. You can enjoy the projected image from 50” to 130” depending on the projection distance of 1.5m-4m. The image quality is much brighter and sharper than the usual projectors available in the market.
It has the brightness of 1800 lumens with the dynamic contrast of 1000:1 and the native resolution of 800 x 480 high (support 1920*1080P input. It has the built-in speakers which are a perfect combination to make an ideal home theater. Similarly, external speakers can also be connected to create your cinema experience better and real.

It android phone, laptop etc. can be made quickly. Hence more entertainment can be added to it. You can also enjoy the gaming on the larger screen by connecting XBOX, PSP etc. it has USB device and memory card slot which allows the connectivity with both of it. l. It is tiny due to which it can be taken and install anywhere. Its installation is easy and it is user-friendly. It is ideal entertainment purpose. Customer’s feedback is positive.

3. DBPOWER GP15 Mini Projector, +50% Lumens LCD Video Projector Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card Review

DBPOWER GP15 Mini Portable is dominant in the market due to its sharpness and brightness as compared to the other projectors. Its light is 1800 lumens with the image resolution 800*480. It is ideal for the entertainment and not recommended for the business purpose.
It might be small in size but the quality of the image and the display is unchallengeable. DBPOWER GP15 projector has a projection display size of 32-120 inches and a 1-3m projection distance. Enjoy an excellent viewing experience just like in cinema, at your own home. For optimum viewing, the projection distance recommended is about 1.5m-2m.

It can be connected to PC, games consoles, smartphones etc. It supports both the Android and iOS system which is a plus point for both types of users. All the devices are connected with HDMI cable. For the connection a projector with smartphones and tablets, A Wi-Fi display dongle is required. It also supports USB so that you can enjoy your memories on the giant screen. It doubles the fun of gaming when it is played on DBPOWER GP15 Mini.
It has low fan noise. It has built-in speakers as well as it allows external speakers for the improved results. Feedback on this projector is satisfactory.

4. Mini Mobile Projector, Deeplee Portable Home Projector built-in Rechargeable Battery Speaker USB Review

The upgrade version of the Deeplee Portable Mini Mobile Projector is available in the market with the improved features. It has the built-in battery of 1300mAh i.e. you can enjoy 90 minutes of non-stop entertainment on a single charge. It also supports the portable power bank supply which means take the device can be used for outdoor fun as well so enjoy the most amazing viewing experience ever.
Deeplee Portable Home Projector has a beautiful outlook which is just like a smartphone. Its cheap in price and amazing in results. It has a small size due to which its mobility is super easy. An ideal device to enjoy indoor and outdoor movie night with friends and family. It based on the new generation of Bridgelux LED light source which is protecting the environment and the eyesight. The image projected is from 24-60 inches when placed in the distance of 1~3M. For the best viewing reality, it is recommended to set at the range of 1.5-2M.

It is a simple device which is highly efficient in results and essay to operate. It is 400 lumens bright and its contrast ratio is 800:1. For those who are looking for the small portable device, it is highly recommended.

5. Mini Projector, Blusmart Upgraded +20% Lumens Portable Home Video Projector 150”Full HD

Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Projector is based on an innovative technology which is used to for making the picture results more sharp and bright as compared to other similar projectors available in the market. If you are looking for the projector to give you the most fantastic cinema experience at home, then Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Projector is the right choice. This projector is best for movies, gaming etc. but not recommended for the presentations, lecture etc.
As this device is upgraded so now, you can enjoy your favorite show in quietness and peace. No more interruption from the device fan. Its cooling system amazingly disrupts the heat hence smooth results. It projects the image size between 30 to 150 inches when placed at the distance of 1.2 to 5 meters. With the screen size 130 inches from the distance of 2-2.5b inches, an optimum result of the projector can be enjoyed.

Blusmart LED-9400 Mini Projectors equipped with HDMI, USB, SD card slot etc. and it supports connectivity with the laptop, PC, XBOX etc. it has internal speakers but it also allows external speakers and headphones so that you enjoy supreme sound quality along with the videos. Rating from the customers is excellent.

6. ELEPHAS +20% Lumens LED Movie Projector, with 2020 Updated LCD Technology Support 1080P 150” Portable Mini Projector Review

ELEPHAS High Brightness LED Movie is among the top projectors which provides the best picture quality. It has the native resolution of 800 x 480P and it supports up to 1080P which means you can enjoy the movie or your favorite show in HD quality. It projects the picture size of from 50 ~ 130 inch from the projection distance is from 4.95 ~ 13.12 ft. It has the contrast of 1000: 1.
ELEPHAS YG400 Home Theater Projector can get connected with Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Streaming Stick, Chromecast, Laptop etc. by using the HDMI cable. It has the jack for external speakers and the headphones for the super quality of sound. It can also be connected to the IPad, iPhone, tablets and smartphones by using an adaptor. It is a small device with the lightweight so that you can take the device anywhere you want. It is fun when used outdoors, in parties or with the family. Enjoy your memories, play games, watch movies or any other events.

ELEPHAS YG400 is an environmentally friendly device. It consumes low energy and it has the lamp life of 30000 Hours .it is safe for the eyes sight due to the latest LED technology. It is recommended for entertainment purpose only.

7. Video Projector Paick LED Projector

Projector Paick Video Projector is an ideal choice if you are looking for the home entertainment. It is upgraded to 20% lumens which project images that are 70% brighter than any other mini projectors in competition. To fulfill customers demand, it is designed solely for the entertainment of the users. For viewing your favoriteTV show, movie, playing gamesetc., either indoor or outdoor, Projector Paick Video Projector is the right selection. Though it is not recommended for the business purpose, it is a complete package for the entertainment purpose.
It is based on new and upgraded technology with big screen size 33″ to 170”. The ideal size is 80~90″ form the distance of 6.6-8ft. It is fantastic in its outlooks and small in size. It is easy to take anywhere as per desire. Whether you use it for the party purpose or the gaming purpose, you will love it in any way. It has the work life of 30000 hours. It is equipped with the latest cooling system with minimal fan sound that is least bothering for the viewers.
It is compatible with all the devices like PC, laptop, XBOX etc. via HDMI. It has different media payers for audio and video and it supports almost all formats of audio and video.
8. QKK [2020 Upgraded] Mini Projector
QKK Mini Projector Movie Projector is a fantastic choice which projects the image from 50″ to 150” large, throw ratio 1.4:1 and aspect ratio 4:3/16. I. The image projected is LED brightness 1200 lumens which mean brightest and crystal clear picture. It is recommended for entertainment and not for business purpose.
QKK Mini Projector can be connected to the Amazon Fire Stick, TV Box, DVD player, PCs, PS3, Xbox, USB flash drive, iPad, Android Smartphone etc. With QKK Mini Projector Movie Projector, you can enjoy the most amazing home-theater experience. You can also enjoy the best gaming experience as well. It supports both iOS and Android system.

It has lamp lifetime of 50000 hrs. LED and battery timings of 90 minutes. It had the native resolution of High 800*480 and supported resolution of 1920*1080 which means HD experience at home. It has the throw distance 4.9 to 13.12 feet. It has the fan noise has been reduced due to its stable cooling system which disrupts the heat efficiently. Minimized fan noise means peaceful viewing experience. It supports almost all types of audio and video format. The feedback from the customers is very positive hence it is highly recommended.

9. Zenhon Mini Portable Video LED Projector 1080P for Outdoor Indoor Home Cinema Theater Review

Zenhon GP70 Projector provides the most fantastic customer services with high-quality results for its users. It has got certifications of FCC ROHS i.e. under US Laws & Regulations. It projects the remarkable achievements in the darkroom and gives you the fun of a cinema. It is ideal for home entertainment and not for PPT and other similar presentations.
With Zenhon GP70 Projector, enjoy independent private cinema at your own home, it has the native resolution of 800×480 so that you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, football and other games. It has the wide screen of 16:9 wide which projects the image up to 150 inches when placed at the distance of 0.5-5m.

With HDMI cable, you can connect various types of media with the projector i.e. PC, laptop, tablet etc. It also allows USB, external speakers, headphones etc. it is a simple device which can be understood and install easily. It has a work life of 20,000 hours. It is incredible for outdoor entertainment too. It is easy to travel hence if you plan for the movie night out with your friends, Zenhon GP70 Projector is highly recommended.

10. RAGU Z400 Mini Projector

If you are looking for a theatre perfect for the indoor and the backyard, RAGU Z400 Mini Portable Projector is the right choice. As its name indicates, it is a mini projector which is exceptionally light in weight and tiny in size so that it can be carried anywhere at any time. It is ideal if you want to watch a football match of your favorite team your favorite movie or show.
It has the amazingly large display from 50-130inch with the projection distance of 5-12.5ft. The image form is high in resolution with 800 x 480P. RAGU Z400 Mini Portable Projector has the dynamic contrast ratio of1000:1. For the best screen results, it is recommended to make the image of 100 inches by keeping the projector at the distance of 8 ft. the support resolution is 1080P which means High Definition videos. It has low fan noise due to upgraded and strong cooling system.

It is a versatile device which supports different media and also supports majority devices of Android and iOS. It has the ports for USB, SD card, external speakers, headphone etc. It has the LED lamp that can over 30,000 hours. It is simple and less complicated to understand and that’s why liked by its users.

11. GooDee Mini Portable Projector Home Cinema Theater Movie Video Projector Review

GooDee YG500 the best choice if you are looking for a cinematic viewing experience along with the highest resolution i.e.800 x 480P. It supports 1080Pwhich means even better results. It has the Contrast: 1000:1. The colors of the image or the video are so sharp, bright and unusual that you fall in love with your device every time you use it.
GooDee home projector has a unique design and beautiful outlooks. It is small in size i.e. L*W*H: 8.97 * 5.75 * 3.13 inches due to which it can be carried anywhere as per the user’s desire. It is fun to be used for outdoor camping, for gaming, entertainment, parties etc. it is simple to use & can be installed easily.

Connect your devices to the projector with HDMI and other sources and enjoy internet surfing, gaming, your memories etc. on the large screen.

1.5-4m has the built-in 2W speaker which provides quality and clear sound with the fantastic picture and videos. The music is clear and loud as compared to the other projectors. It has a large screen size of 50- 130 inches with the throw distance of 1.5-4m which gives the most amazing viewing experience ever. It is recommended for entertainment purpose only.

12. QKK 2200lumen Mini Projector – Full HD LED Video Projector

QKK 2200lumen Mini Projector is the best choice specially designed for indoor and outdoor movies especially in the dark.The video result is HD 2200Lumen Projector which supports 1080P. With this fantastic projector, you will have the best movie experience ever, with your family and friends.
It is among the top projectors with the highest native resolutions. It supports 1920*1080 resolution and it has the long-term lamp life of 50,000. Its contrast ratio is 2000:1 contrast ratio and its aspect ratio is 16:9. It has the incredible screen display varying from 32-176 when kept at the distance of 1.5M-5M. The perfect results are with 120” display from the distance of 3.5M.

It has two USB ports which allow the connectivity and the operation of two flashes at a time. Due to this unique feature, it is the only projector in the market. It has HDMI, VGA, SD card port etc. It allows the user to use PCs, TV Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromebook, Tablets, Blue-ray DVD player etc. it also supports the majority of audio and video media. You can enjoy games on the large screen as well as your favorite TV shows. Customers show their satisfaction by giving it high ratings.

13. DR.J (2020 Upgraded) 10% Lumens 4Inch Mini Projector with 170 Display – 40,000 Hour LED Full HD Video Projector 1080P Review

DR.J LED projector has been updated in 2020 to meet the customer need. Its lumens has been improved to 10% which means better results with better brightness. Its brightness is now 70% better than the others available in the market. Your decision is not wrong if you buy DR.J LED projector. It has the native resolution of 840 X 480. It has the aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 and the contrast ratio of 2000:1. It has a long lamp life of 40000 hours. It supports the resolution of 1920*1080.

The image projected of watching the size of 32”-176” when placed at the distance of 1.5m-5m. It is compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, TV Box Chromebook, Blue-ray DVD player etc. it also supports SD Card and USB Flash Drive. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Also it helps all type of video and audio format. It is an ideal choice for the home theatre.

DR.J LED projector has the brightness of 3800 has built the speaker and it is compatible with external speakers. It is light in weight & easily portable. It is also easy to install.

14. Blusmart LED-9 Home Video Projector, Multimedia Home Theater Projector Support 1080P HDMI USB SD Card Review

The users like Blusmart LED-9 Home Video Projector due to its brightness of the image. It is 60% brighter than any other ordinary projectors available in the market. It is not recommended for business presentations and only for entertainment. It has new and upgraded cooling technology due to which fan sound is inaudible. Due to low fan noise, fantastic viewing can be experienced. It supports all type of media through HDMI cable. It also helps the majority of audio and video formats so that the user enjoys it to the max.

It is a small device easily portable so that you can enjoy it anywhere with anyone. It has a large screen that projects an image from 30-Inches – 150-Inches varying from the distance of 1.2m-5m. It is recommended to keep it at the range of 2-2.5m with the image size of 130-Inches for the optimum results. It means you can enjoy home theater fun at the low and affordable price. It has built-in speakers which compliment the high-quality video at its best. It also allows external speakers for those who want to enjoy the cinema effect at home. The users of Blusmart LED-9 Home Video Projector are delighted with the results.

15. TENKER Q5 LED Mini Movie Support 1080P HDMI Projector Review

TENKER Q5 Multimedia Mini is a wonderful addition to economic projectors family which is loved by the users for so many reasons. Firstly, it is very affordable in price and it has all the features which any expensive projector acquires. It has the LED Brightness of 1500 Lumens which projects very sharp and clear image on the screen. It display is based on LCD technology and it has LED light source. The contrast ratio of 1000:1 which adds more sharpness to the image. It has the native resolution of 800X480 Pixels.
TENKER Q5 is excellent for home entertainment and not recommended for business purpose. It can be connected to the phone, laptop, PC, XBOX etc. and you can enjoy your favorite shows and videos due to this connectivity with your device. You can play games on the screen and also enjoy videos without downloading it. It can be connected through HDMI cable. It is operated with the mouse. It has internal speakers yet the port for the connectivity is also given so that customers enjoy the sound quality of a cinema. It supports resolutions are 1080P, 720p, 480P. The image projected on the screen is 37~100 Inches when the projector is placed at the distance of 1.15~3m.
It can be fixed from the ceiling or can be mount on the wall. It rotates and can be adjusted as per the viewer’s ease and comfort.

16. DBPOWER T20 LCD Mini Movie Projector Review

DB power T20 mini projector is amongst the leading projectors on the market due to its affordable price and its diverse features. This projector is much brighter than the other ordinary projectors available in the market. It provides better home cinema experience as 50% brighter in contrast to other projectors. Here is recommended for home entertainment only and not for the business purpose.
DBpower T20 Is a fantastic cooling system due to which fan noise is insignificant. The sound made by the fan is non-interrupting because its heat is efficiently dispersed. The size offered for the display is 32”-176” when the projector is placed at the distance between 1.5m-5m. If the projector is placed at the distance of 2 to 2.5m, the image projected will be crystal clear and sharp up to 130”. This projector can also be connected to the smartphone and iPhone by using dongle or adapter.

It is little in size due to which it can be taken around quickly to the desired place. It has simple features that are easy to understand with easy installation. It has extended lamp life up to 50000 hours and its battery timing is 2 hours if fully recharged.

17. DBPOWER RD-810 Mini LED Video Projector, Multimedia Home Theater 

Video Projector Review

DBPOWER GP15 Mini LED Video Projector is a fantastic projector is based on latest and upgraded technology. It is low and affordable in price which is best for those who cannot buy expensive home theaters.Its brightness has been upgraded to 10% Lumens which means sharper and brighter results. It has the contrast ratio of1000:1 and the aspect ratio: 16:10. It is most suitable high-quality projector designed for home entertainment in the dark, though it is not recommended for PPT, excel, word etc.

DBPOWER GP15 Mini LED Video projector is the multipurpose projector which allows to display favorite memories as pictures, play music and videos by connecting it with the HDMI-enabled device like tablets, PC, DVD player etc. This small device projects the image just like the one displayed in cinemas. It projects the image from 50″ to 150” with the distance of 1.5-5m. The best display result is at the size of 130 with the range of 2-2.5m. It has theNative Resolution of 800 x 480 with the supporting resolution of 1080p so the viewers enjoy the best HD experience with it. It has built-in speakers. It is the lightweight and simple device which allows users to understand it in one go.
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The Final Word

With the above projectors mentioned, we hope that the ones suggested will be the great help for those who are looking for the best mini projector under $100. No matter which one you buy, keep the key features and the rating of the projects mentioned above in mind so that you do not get disappointed with your purchase. It will surely make your every night movie night and you will get a chance to set small gatherings to share the moments of joy and love with your dearest people.

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